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Welcome to the Boston Area Chapter of ISPE!

The ISPE Boston Area Chapter is a trusted source of information and interaction for seasoned industry professionals—and those who wish to learn from them. Year after year, we offer our more than 1,700 members dynamic opportunities to share knowledge, best practices, and experiences for personal and professional development.

And I’m proud to announce that we now have a new way of sharing this wealth of information with you: the brand new ISPE Boston Area Chapter BLOG site. The BLOG is now the principal portal for news and information of interest to Chapter Members and all Pharmaceutical Professionals in Greater New England. Our goal is to deliver weekly updates about the Chapter, our industry and the technologies we use, and link you to external resources that will help you and your companies thrive. So visit the BLOG today and be sure to sign up to become a subscriber.

From our flagship event, the Boston Area Chapter Product Show, to developing programs tailored for Members, no matter what phase of their career (Students to Young Professionals to established Industry Veterans), we have it all!  Recognized as one of the leading chapters in the world, the success of the Boston Area Chapter and the local industry as a whole is in large part due to the collaboration, sharing knowledge and best practices of our volunteers and members.

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Page last updated: 13 September 2017