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Vendor Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is it to exhibit?

Answer: While 2015 Table Prices are NOT yet available, below is alist of the 2014 prices as a gauge.

Table Display Cost

ISPE Member Rate
Standard - $1,400
Premium - $1,875
Super Premium - $2,250
Booth - $3,350

Non Member Rate
Standard - $1,600
Premium - $2,075
Super Premium - $2,500
Booth - $3,900

Click Here for a 2014 Interactive Floor Map:

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Who exhibited in 2014?


3M Purification Inc
A/Z Corporation
A&B Process Systems
AbbVie Bioresearch Center
ABEC, Inc.
Acuity Process Solutions
Advanced Sonic Processing Systems
AdvantaPure / NewAge Industries
AES Clean Technology, Inc.
AIV Solutions
Albright Technologies
Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Alfa Laval Inc.
Allegheny Bradford Corporation
ALLpaQ Packaging Limited
Altran North America
American Plant Maintenance, Inc.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments
Anchor Insulation Co.
Anderson Instrument Company
Apache Stainless Equipment Corporation
Applewood Controls
Applied Control Engineering, Inc.
Aqua-Chem, Inc.
Aquasyn, LLC
Architectural Environments, Inc.
Asahi Kasei Bioprocess
Asahi/America. Inc.
Ashcroft Inc.
ASI - Life Sciences
Astro Pak
Atlas Copco
AutomaTech Inc
Automated Logic Corporation
Azima DLI
Aztec Technologies
Azzur Group
Azzur Group, LLC
B&V Testing, a Stericycle Business
Bahnson Environmental Specialties, an EMCOR Company
Barry-Wehmiller Design Group
Bausch Advanced Technologies Inc.
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences
Behringer Corporation
Biomanufacturing Education & Training Center at WPI
BioPharma Systems
BioVolutions Inc.
Black Bear Coatings & Concrete
Boston Analytical
BS&B Safety Systems
Buchiglas USA Corp.
Burkert Fluid Control Systems
Burns Engineering
BWT / Christ Pharma & Biotech
Cambridge IT Compliance, LLC.
Casella Process Solutions
Castle Hill Technologies, Inc
CCL Label
cGMP Validation LLC
Charter Medical Ltd
Chase Logeman
Cimetrics Inc.
Clark-Reliance Corporation
Cleanroom Facility Services (CFS)
Cleanseal Door Systems
ClorDiSys Solutions, Inc
Columbia Construction Company
Commodore Builders
Controlled Environments
Cotter Brothers Corporation
Cozzoli Machine Company
CPI Controls, Inc.
CPS Group
CRB Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Critical Process Filtration
CrossPoint Engineering
CSA Soliance
D.F. Pray, Inc.
Dixon Sanitary
Donnegan Systems
DPS Engineering
DPS Engineering
DrM Inc.
E&S Technologies
Electrol Specialties Co
Eliassen Group
Elm Electrical
EMD Millipore
EMS - Hammond Mfg.
Enerquip, LLC
Enterprise System Partners (ESP)
Environmental Systems Corporation
Environmental Systems Inc
EquipNet, Inc.
Erland Construction
Essco Calibration Laboratory
Essentra Porous Technologies
Evolution Scientific, Inc.
Evoqua Water Technologies
Exergy LLC
Ezi-Dock Systems Ltd
Falco Technologies Inc.
Feldmeier Equipment, Inc.
Festo Corporation
Finesse Solutions
Flexicon – a Watson-Marlow Brand
Fluid Line Technology
Fraser Engineering
G-CON Manufacturing
Garlock Sealing Technologies
GE Analytical Instruments
GEA Niro-Soavi
GEA Tuchenhagen North America
GEA Westfalia Separator
Gemu Valves
Genesis Packaging Technologies
GF Piping Systems
GMP Piping, Inc
GMP Systems, Inc.
GxP Automation, LLC
Hargrove Life Sciences, LLC
Harrington Pure - SED North America - Harrington Industrial Plastics
High Purity New England, Inc.
Hodess Construction Corporation
Holloway America
Hyde Engineering + Consulting
Hydro Service & Supplies
Hygeniks, Inc.
ICQ Consultants
ILC Dover LP
IMA Life North America, Inc.
Industrial Labeling Systems, Corp.
Informetric Systems
Infors USA
Innovative Technology, Inc.
Integra Companies
Integrated Builders
Integrated Project Management Co. Inc.
Interstate Electrical Services Corporation
IPS-Integrated Project Services, Inc.
iPura Consulting Group, LLC
Isolation Sciences
Isolation Systems Inc.
ITT Engineered Valves
Jacobs Wyper Architects
JLL Construction
JM Coull, Inc.
Kentrol / OSI
Kinetic Systems, Inc.
King Gage Engineering
Krber Medipak Systems NA Inc.
Krieger Mixing & Homogenising Systems
L.J. Star Inc
Leading Innovative Products & Solutions, Inc.
LEWA-Nikkiso America, Inc.
Lives International
M+W Group
Magna-Safe International
Magnetrol International Incorporated
Mangan Biopharm
Mar Cor Purification
Massachusetts Life Sciences Center
Masy Systems, Inc.
MDI-North America
Medical-Technical Gases, Inc.
Meissner Filtration Products
Merrimac Industrial Sales
Metenova America
Metrology Laboratories, Inc.
Mettler Toledo
Microtest Laboratories Inc.
MIT Professional Education
MKS Instruments
Monarch Instrument
Monoflo International
Mott Corporation
Neponset Controls, Inc.
Neutronics Inc.
New England Controls
New England Laboratory Casework Co., Inc.
New England Sales
Newman Sanitary Gasket Co.
Nicos Group, Inc./ Nicomac
NNE Pharmaplan
NNE Pharmaplan
Non Metallic Solutions
North Shore Mechanical Contractors
Northeast Engineering, Inc.
Northeast Water Services
Notch Mechanical Constructors
Oliver M. Dean Inc
Olympic Systems Corporation
Omni Services
Optek-Danulat, Inc.
Overlook Industries Inc
Pall Life Sciences
Panorama Consulting & Engineering, Inc.
Parker domnick hunter
Parker ISS Division
Particle Measuring Systems, Inc.
Particles Plus
Paul Mueller Company
PAW Bioscience
PBM Inc. Valve Solutions
Perrigo Inc
Pharmalucence, Inc
Plascore Modular Cleanrooms
PM Group
Pneumatic Scale Angelus
Process and Energy Measurements Corp.
Process Control Solutions
ProPharma Group
Prudential Cleanroom Services
Pyromation, Inc.
RDK Engineers
Rees Scientific
Rittal Corporation
Rockwell Automation
Rosemount, Inc.
Rotronic Instrument Corp.
RoviSys Company
Rubber Fab Technologies Group
SaniSure, Inc.
Sartorius Stedim
SBB Daldrop
SBB Inc.
Schneider Electric
Sensitech Inc.
Sentinel Process Systems
Sequence, Inc.
Sharpe Mixers
Shire Pharmaceuticals
Siemens Industry, Inc.
Siemens Industry, Inc.
SNC-Lavalin Project Services, Inc.
SPEC Process Engineering & Construc
Spectra Automation
Spectrum Labs
Spirax Sarco
Spraying Systems Co
SPS CleanTech
Stainless Fabrication, Inc.
Stainless Solutions
Static Clean International, Inc.
Stauff Process Products
Steel-Pro Inc.
Steriflow Valve
Suffolk Construction
Superior Controls, Inc.
Surplus Solutions
SVF Flow Controls, Inc.
Swagelok Cambridge
T&C Stainless, Inc.
TechTrak LLC
TEK Stainless Piping Products
Terracon Corporation
The Chisholm Corp
The Hart Companies
The Sherwin-Williams Company
Thermo Fisher Scientific - Doe & Ingalls
Thermo Scientific
Thompson Consultants, Inc.
Tobin Scientific division Tobin & Sons Moving and Storage, Inc.
TRG Builders
TSI Inc.
Tuff Wrap Installations, Inc.
Tufts Gordon Institute
UFP Technologies
Ultra Filtronics
UltraClean Electropolish Inc.
UniClean Cleanroom Services
University of Rhode Island
Vacuubrand, Inc.
Vacuum Barrier Corporation
Vaisala Inc
Validation Technologies, Inc.
ValSource, LLC
Veltek Associates, Inc.
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
Walker Barrier Systems
Water Consulting Specialists, Inc. (WCSI)
Watson-Marlow Pumps Group
Webb Pump
Yula Corporation
Zajac LLC
Zeller Automation Control & Energy
Zenith Technologies

What are the table types?

2014 Product Show Table Descriptions
To help you decide what table to purchase, below are the benefits and costs.

Standard Tables:
Free Electricity
2 x 6 foot table
Free attendance for up to 3 company representatives
Listing on website as Exhibitor

Premium Tables:
Free Electricity
2.5 x 6 foot tables located near the bar, food or back windows – Color Coded in Blue on the map
Free attendance for up to 3 company representatives
10% discount on Jumbotron Display or Media Walls
Link on Product Show website to your company’s website

Super Premium Tables:
Free Electricity
2.5 x 6 foot tables in premium location with the stadium field as a backdrop – Color Coded in Red on the map
Free attendance for up to 3 company representatives
20% discount on Jumbotron Display or Media Walls
Link on Product Show website to your company’s website
Logo displayed on website

Booth Space:
Free Electricity
10’ x 10’ booth space, located in a premium location with the stadium field as a backdrop and close to the bar
Free attendance for up to 3 company representatives
25% discount on Jumbotron Display or Media Walls
Link on Product Show website to your company’s website
Logo displayed on website
What do exhibiting vendors need to know about set up?


ISPE Boston Area Chapter
1. Participation is limited to one firm per table. Distributors may not place multiple products from multiple manufacturers on one table. Each manufacturer must take a separate table.

2. All table top displays should be confined to the table, with a height limit of 60” above the table. The maximum width of the display shall be 72”.

3. All Booth displays must be approved by Event Management prior to August 29th.

4. Stand-alone tables may, at the discretion of Event Management, be replaced with a stand-up display providing the display dimensions do not exceed those of the table in length and width and the height does not exceed that of a table plus 60” display.

5. Exhibits should be simple and professionally done. The Boston Area Chapter of ISPE reserves the right to restrict tabletop exhibits which are objectionable because of size, noise, glaring, flashing lights, etc. The Boston Area Chapter of ISPE reserves the right to prohibit or evict any exhibitor who, in our opinion, detracts from the overall good of the Product Show. This includes persons, exhibits, printed matter, or anything that is judged to be objectionable.

6. Exhibits must be staffed at all times during the exhibit schedule. Exhibitors may have no more than 3 representatives at their table at any given time.

7. Exhibitors agree to have all displays set up by 11:00 am.

8. Exhibitors agree not to dismantle their displays before the end of the show (7:30 PM). All exhibits must be removed by 9:00 pm.

9. No off-site food may be brought into Gillette Stadium.

10. Chairs will be allowed on the Show floor in booths only and must be provided by the exhibitor services company Capital Convention Contractors. Chairs may be allowed in other locations under extenuating circumstances which must be pre-approved by Event Management.

11. No balloons may be used within Gillette as part of your exhibit.

12. All exhibit items that are not able to be carried on an escalator must be either shipped to the drayage company or delivered to Gillette loading dock. No vendor will be allowed to enter or drop off at the loading dock if their name has not been supplied on the registration form.
Are there any Sponsorship opportunities?

Yes, exhibiting companies can choose from any of the below sponsorships to enhance their visibility. If you have any questions on the sponsorships call the office at 781-647-4773.


Advertising in the Show Guide:

¼ page ad $400 (black and white)
¼ page ad $500 (full color)
½ page ad $700 (black and white)
½ page ad $850 (full color)
Full page ad $1,150 (black and white)
Full page ad $1,650 (full color)
Back cover $3000 (full color)

Logo in Show Guide: $125

Show Guide Map Featured Logos: $150 each.

Advertise on the entrance escalator landing: $600

Advertise at the front door: $600

Advertise at the Food stations: $600

Advertise on concourse between the two clubhouses: $600

Media Walls: Large screen-blocks of nine TVs. Twenty-four exhibitor logos or videos will rotate all day long in Lounges and Atrium in both clubhouses:
Available for up to 12 sponsors with a static logo that displays for 10 seconds: $400
Available for up to 12 sponsors with a video that displays for 30 seconds: $600


Product Demonstration/Presentation in the Spotlight Lounge: $500

After-Party Sponsor: $600

Mobile App Sponsor: $1500

Map Kiosk: $2000

New Exhibitor Pavilion Passport Program: $2000

Hand Sanitizer Station: $5000

Relaxation/Massage Station: $2500

For detailed information on sponsorships CLICK HERE.
Cancellation Policy

Answer: All cancellations must be received by the ISPE Boston Area Chapter office prior to August 31, 2015 in writing by email to or fax to (781) 647-7222. If cancellations are received prior to August 31, a full refund, minus a $200 handling fee, will be issued. Cancellations made after that date will be charged the full exhibitor fee.
I am bringing and setting up my own display, do I need to use Capital Convention Contractors

Answer: No, if you don't need your materials shipped or set up for you then you don't need to work with Capital Convention Contractors. However if you need to have your materials shipped ahead of you, you will have to call them. (877) 335-3700
I am bringing my own supplies to the Show, however they won't fit up the escalator. How can I get them to the Show floor?

Answer: You can use the Gillette Stadium loading dock and bring your materials up the freight elevator. Contact the ISPE Office at (781) 647-4773 and make sure your name is on the loading dock list. If your name is not on the list you will not be able to use the loading dock.
What does Gillette Stadium Clubhouse look like inside?

Answer: Click on any of the pictures below to see the full size image. The image will appear in a new window.

Main Show Floor - Click for Larger Image
Media Walls

Main Show Floor - Click for Larger Image
Main Show Floor

Booth and Super Premium Area - Click for Larger Image
Booth and Super Premium Area

Super Premium Wall - Click for Larger Image
Super Premium Wall

Just Past Super Premium Door - Click for Larger Image
Just Past Super Premium Door

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