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Chapter Member Anniversaries

Congratulations to those members celebrating milestone anniversaries in March 2015:

Over Twenty Years

  • Mr. Saboo Aghababayan, Genzyme Corp (23 years)
  • Mr. Richard F. Caires, Jr., Shire HGT (23 years)
  • Mr. Ronald C. Case, Aztec Technologies, Inc. (21 years)
  • Dr. Charles L. Cooney, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (23 years)
  • Michael B. Cronin, Alexion Pharmaceuticals (26 years)
  • Mr. Edward F. Dean, III, Eagle Electrical Supply Co (21 years)
  • Mr. Brian M. Hagopian, CPIP, Clear Water Consulting, Inc. (23 years)
  • Mr. Andrew R. Hahn (21 years)
  • Mr. David G. Harney, Microfluidics (23 years)
  • Mr. Mitchell I. Hollander, Lantheus Medical Imaging (24 years)
  • Mr. Jerome E. Justin, Shire Pharmaceuticals (25 years)
  • Mr. Stephen P. Kuzil (22 years)
  • Mr. Howard L. Levine, PhD, BioProcess Tech Consultants, Inc. (22 years)
  • Mr. Peter A. Petrillo, Millennium Facilities Resources Inc (21 years)
  • Mr. Tim J. Potvin, PE, Quality Air Control (22 years)
  • Mr. Thomas A. Ramundo, New England Controls Inc (24 years)
  • Mr. John J. Rozembersky, Rozembersky Group (23 years)
  • Mr. Gregory M. Ruklic, Independent (23 years)
  • Mr. Jack N. Wentz, Lantheus (23 years)
  • Mr. Jay F. Zaino, GxP Automation LLC (21 years)
  • Mr. Gary V. Zoccolante, Evoqua Water Technologies LLC (formerly Siemens Water Technologies Corp) (23 years)

Twenty Years

  • Mr. Richard D. Quinby, Biogen Idec

Fifteen Years

  • Mr. Paul J. Adams, Putney, Inc.
  • Mr. Matthew J. Camelio, Sanofi Pasteur Biologics Co
  • Mr. Michael D. Coyle, AstraZeneca
  • Mr. Vincent R. Kosewski, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Inc
  • Ms. Carolyn W. Lee-Parsons, Northeastern University
  • Ms. Lila F. Li, Shire
  • Mr. Howard G. Sneider, CPIP, CRB
  • Mr. John T. Zurheide, Jr., Genzyme Corp

Ten Years

  • Ms. Jennifer Daquioag, SNC Lavalin
  • Mr. Theodore C. Donahue, Jr., Organogenesis Inc
  • Mr. Steven Lacerte, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, LP
  • Mr. Andrew S. Mutz, Casella Process Solutions
  • Dr. Keith H. Wells, Biologics Consulting Group

Five Years

  • Mr. Dana Alexander, Genzyme
  • Mr. Lee S. Donohue, Genzyme Corporation
  • Dr. Juergen Hahn, Levitronix Technologies LLC
  • Mr. Osvaldo Rentas, MannKind Corporation
  • Mr. Terry J. Seanard, Jr., CPIP, New England Controls, Inc.
  • Mr. Andrew Ye, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma

Page last updated: 27 March 2015