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Chapter Member Anniversaries

Congratulations to those members celebrating milestone anniversaries in February 2018:

Over Twenty Years

  • Mr. John P. Alleruzzo (26 years)
  • Mr. Kenneth A. Bradley, Pfizer Inc (23 years)
  • Dr. Eric S. Good, ProPharma Group (22 years)
  • Mr. Frank J. Manning, VNE Corporation (28 years)
  • Mr. Hank Moes (31 years)
  • Mr. Daniel J. Pratt, Takeda Oncology (23 years)
  • Mr. Robert J. Sheehan (26 years)
  • Mr. Peter K. Silverberg, Abec, Inc. (24 years)
  • Mr. Peter D. Smith, PAREXEL Consulting (22 years)
  • Mr. Michael G. Sprague, Ethide Laboratories (29 years)
  • Mr. Terrence Stansfield, Alexion Pharmaceuticals (24 years)

Twenty Years

  • Dr. Richard C. Moreton, FinnBrit Consulting

Fifteen Years

  • Dr. Howard W. Altmann
  • Mr. Joseph W. Hebert, Westboro Project Consultants, LLC
  • Mr. Robert P. Huddy, CPIP, Commissioning Agents
  • Mr. Richard W. Leger, Quantum Engineering, Inc.
  • Mr. Steven Pasternak, Shire
  • Mr. John Tiani, Biomet

Ten Years

  • Mr. Mead F. Lotz, Commissioning Agents, Inc
  • Mr. Eric L. Peterson, AMRI Inc
  • Mr. Frank Yeschanin, Jr., Lantheus Medical Imaging
  • Mr. Alan Yim, GE Healthcare

Five Years

  • Mr. Christopher R. Gould-Kelley, Architectural Environments, Inc.
  • Ms. Kang Wu, University of New Hampshire

Page last updated: 5 February 2018