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Chapter Member Anniversaries

Congratulations to those members celebrating milestone anniversaries in February 2016:

Over Twenty Years

  • Mr. John P. Alleruzzo (24 years)
  • Mr. Kenneth A. Bradley, Pfizer Inc (21 years)
  • Mr. Frank J. Manning, VNE Corporation (26 years)
  • Mr. Hank Moes (29 years)
  • Mr. Armen J. Nahabedian (28 years)
  • Mr. Christopher R. Perley, Dyax (26 years)
  • Mr. Daniel J. Pratt, Takeda Oncology (21 years)
  • Mr. Robert J. Sheehan (24 years)
  • Mr. Peter K. Silverberg, Abec, Inc. (22 years)
  • Mr. Michael G. Sprague, Ethide Laboratories (27 years)

Twenty Years

  • Mr. Eugene S. Dennen, UltraFiltronics Corp
  • Mr. Peter D. Smith, PAREXEL Consulting

Fifteen Years

  • Stephen P. Conti, SNC-Lavalin Project Services, Inc
  • Mr. David E. Greenberg, Saint-Gobain Life Sciences
  • Mr. David Kessler, Unither Manufacturing LLC
  • Mr. Michael L. McGown, Bosch Packaging Technology
  • Mr. Curtis W. Steenstra, BSME, Pfizer
  • Mr. Richard J. Yeaton, Atlantic Technical and Validation Services

Ten Years

  • Mr. Nick Andrews, CP Professional Services
  • Mr. Peter Canisius, Jr., AbbVie Bioresearch Center
  • Mr. Thomas B. Fraser, AstraZeneca
  • Mr. William T. Mallonee, Non-Metallic Solutions Inc
  • Mr. Wayne K. Pearson, Castle Hill Technologies
  • Mr. Cory Siddons, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Five Years

  • Mr. Marc B. Fleischman, CPIP, Genzyme Corp
  • Mr. Eric N. Giguere, BlueBird Bio
  • Mr. Louis R. Saccocea, Pfizer
  • Mr. Raymond C. Terrell, Azzur Group

Page last updated: 4 February 2016