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Chapter Member Anniversaries

Congratulations to those members celebrating milestone anniversaries in November 2017:

Over Twenty Years

  • Mr. Charles H. Brown, II, MS, Retired (21 years)
  • Mr. James R. Dube, Alexion Pharmaceuticals (24 years)
  • Mr. Thomas G. Larkin, Jr., Amgen Inc (24 years)
  • Mr. Pasquale M. Sacco, Shire HGT (27 years)

Twenty Years

  • Mr. John J. Kelliher

Fifteen Years

  • Dr. Claus Weisemann, PhD

Ten Years

  • Mr. Michael P. Gaa, Lend Lease
  • Ms. Jacqueline D. Schumacher, Pfizer Inc

Five Years

  • Mr. Kenneth Bernstein, Pfizer
  • Mr. Mark Victor DeFelice, Commissioning Agents Inc
  • Mr. Nicholas J. Leoleis, Shire
  • Ms. KerriAnn MacNeill, Biogen Idec
  • Mr. Adrian K. Peskett, Pfizer Global Mfg.
  • Mr. Christopher S. Peterman
  • Dr. Joseph F. Taylor, BSc, PhD, Intracellular therapies

Page last updated: 3 November 2017