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Who's Who

ISPE has student chapters established at several local colleges and universities. But don't worry if your institution isn't listed here, you can still join ISPE!  Efforts are underway to involve more local universities with exploratory discussions underway at several academic institutions. 

During the 2013-14 academic year, we added Boston University, Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences University, and University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth as new student chapters.  The 2014-15 academic year has just started and we’ve just added Middlesex Community College as our newest student chapter!  We now have 13 student chapters!

Boston University
Community College of Rhode Island (Warwick Campus)
Framingham State University
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Middlesex Community College
Northeastern University
Tufts University
University of Connecticut
UMass Amherst
UMass Dartmouth
UMass Lowell
University of New Hampshire
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The Boston Area Chapter is willing bring educational programs and career panel discussions to your campus. We have industry experts ready to help. Just tell us what you want -it's that easy! The chapter is also in the process of building a library of technical presentations that our student members will be able to use to learn more about specific topics of interest in the industry. 

Committee Chairs
Brian Hagopian Clear Water Consulting, Inc.
Paige Kane Merck, Inc.
Committee Members  
Chris Ciampa Thermofisher
Norline Crossdale-Walker Genzyme/Sanofi
Jen Duffy Shire
Kathryn Marini CRB
David Novak OSDV Engineering
Christopher Opolski OSDV Engineering
Patricia Richard Middlesex Community College
Brody Stara Amgen
Jan Vanselow  
Andre Walker Andre Walker Consulting
Jillian Willard Sanofi
Volunteers - Boston University
Dr. Sandor Vajda Honorary Faculty Advisor
Vacant President
Vacant Vice President
Vacant Treasurer
Vacant Secretary
Thomas Choyce Industry Advisor
Ayesha Iyer Industry Advisor
Volunteers - Community College of Rhode Island
R. Scott Warila Honorary Faculty Advisor
Hannan Saeed President
Brianna O'Keefe Vice President
Sarahjane Kitiyakara-Fogel Treasurer/Secretary
Christopher Blackwell Industry Advisor
Volunteers - Framingham State University
Sunny Tam, PhD  Faculty Advisor
Jillian Willard Industry Advisor
Nabil Megalaa President
Tom Martinez Vice President
Deepika Vippagunta Secretary
Basem Megelly Treasurer
Volunteers - Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Vacant Honorary Faculty Advisor
Divyanka Gupta President
Kanika Patel Vice President
Syed Zafar (Marsz) Treasurer
Shannon Mommsen Secretary
Niharika Yerneni ACPO Representative 
Christopher Ciampa Industry Advisor
Volunteers - Mass Maritime Academy
George Howell Honorary Faculty Advisor
Ryan Galanti President
Benjamin Joyal Vice President
Lukas Smith Treasurer/Secretary
Rob DeCoste Industry Advisor
Dan Ramsey Industry Advisor
Volunteers - Middlesex Community College
Professor Patricia Richard Honorary Faculty Advisor
Anant Verma President
Tino Quispe Vice President
Danny Phouthakhio
Jason Barr Treasurer
Alvin Churseng Web/Media Specialist
Sieyla Em Membership Coordinator
Brian Hagopian Industry Advisor
Volunteers - Northeastern
Carolyn Lee-Parsons Honorary Faculty Advisor
Abigail Koppes Faculty Advisor
Dr. Thomas Webster Faculty Advisor
Nancy Waggner Faculty Advisor
Gabrielle Rabadam President
Victoria D'Agostino SAC Rep and Vice President
Stephanie Riofrio Treasurer
Surabhi Godbole Secretary
Tyler Cole Social Media Chair
Dan Rufo Industry Advisor
Volunteers - Tufts University  
Qiaobing Xu Honorary Faculty Advisor
Pietro Perrone Industry Advisor
Volunteers - UMass Amherst
Dr. Lauren Woodruff Honorary Faculty Advisor
Professor Jeffrey Kane Faculty Advisor
Rick Robar College of Engineering Advisor
Cheryl Brooks Director, Career and Student Development
Ryan Sullivan Co-President
Tristan Tay Co-President
Thomas Douglas Vice President
Max Marek Treasurer
Dan Kallin Secretary
Chris Sparages On-Campus Collaboration Representative
Jon Morris Senior Representative
Megha Shah Sophmore Representative
Jennifer Duffy Industry Advisor
Brody Stara Industry Advisor
Volunteers - UMass Dartmouth  
Dr. Qinguo Fan Honorary Faculty Advisor
Shalini Paliwal President
Carol Suddy Vice President
Kayla Loycano Treasurer
Christina Lam Secretary
Brian Hagopian Industry Advisor
Volunteers - UMass Lowell
Dr Maureen Howley Honorary Faculty Advisor
Dr Al Donatelli Faculty Advisor
Dr Eric Maase Faculty Advisor
Dr Carl Lawton Faculty Advisor
Diane Hewitt Career Center Advisor
Kelsey Martin President
Erin Shaughnessey Vice President
Leo Kutlowski Treasurer
Michael Doane Secretary
Rick Pierro Industry Advisor
Volunteers - University of Connecticut
Dr Bodhi Chaudhuri Honorary Faculty Advisor
Alyssa Pierne President
Lauren Fontana Vice President
Cristian Barba Treasurer
Krishna Dixit Secretary
Brian Hagopian Industry Advisor
Volunteers - University of New Hampshire
Dr. Kang Wu Honorary Faculty Advisor
Dr. P.T. Vasudevan Faculty Advisor
Dr. Russell Carr Faculty Advisor
Colin Graham President
Sri Padamati Vice President and Treasurer
Rohit Voruganti Secretary and Recruiter
Travis Masur Industry Advisor
Volunteers - Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Vacant Honorary Faculty Advisor
Celeste Marsan President
Jamie Freud Vice President
Celeste Marsan Treasurer
Emily McGlame Secretary
Zhiyuan Shen Industry Advisor
Ryan Adams Industry Advisor


Documents for Student Leaders

Student Chapter Bylaws Template


Student Officer Election Template


Blank Student Expense Reporting Form


Student Board Meeting Minutes Template


Student Chapter Officer Responsibilities


Student Meeting Sign In Sheet


Student Chapter Health Check Document


Budget Balancing Spreadsheet

Budget Balancing Excel Spreadsheet

Student Chapter Logos (If higher resolution - .eps file is needed, please contact the office at office@ispeboston.org )

Boston University B+W
Boston University

Community College of Rhode Island B+W
Community College of Rhode Island

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy B+W
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy

Massachusetts Maritime Academy B+W
Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Middlesex Community College B+W
Middlesex Community College

Northeastern University B+W
Northeastern University

Tufts University B+W
Tufts University  

University of Connecticut B+W
University of Connecticut

University of Massachusetts - Amherst B+W
University of Massachusetts - Amherst

UMass Lowell B+W
UMass Lowell

University of New Hampshire B+W
University of New Hampshire

Worcester Polytechnic Institute B+W
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

ISPE Boston Chapter Logos 

Boston Chapter
Boston Chapter Stacked

By downloading these logos, you are agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations: not to be used to imply or suggest endorsesment, not used in a way that is confusing, misleading, or disparaging, the logo cannot be altered or modified.  Please CLICK HERE for full documentation on the guidelines.

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