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Chapter Overview

If you are a pharma or biotech industry professional, the ISPE Boston Area Chapter is the place to be. Whether you want to trade practical knowledge with your peers, keep current on the latest trends in the industry, brush up on the basics, advance your technical knowledge, or simply meet and mingle with industry professionals who speak your language, you’ll want to join this dynamic group of industry professionals.

Founded in 1992, the Boston Area Chapter is the local arm of ISPE, an international organization serving the educational needs of scientific and technical professionals within the pharma and biotech industries. With Chapters and Affiliates in 90 countries worldwide, the Society’s 22,000 Members include engineers, microbiologists, chemists, QA/QC, production, process development, pharmacists, regulatory, training personnel, research scientists and suppliers.

The Boston Area Chapter is one of the Society’s largest and most active Chapters, voted ISPE “Chapter of the Year” in each of the last four years. Representing 1,700 Members in a swath of New England centered around the Boston/Cambridge biotech hub, the Chapter provides an exciting array of educational, career development, networking, and recreational opportunities.

With two or three events held each month at conveniently-located venues throughout the region, and its Annual Product Show held at Gillette Stadium in October, the Chapter actively fulfills the Society’s mission by advancing the technical knowledge of its Members and providing a forum for the exchange of ideas, practical experience, and industry updates. In addition, the Chapter’s website and eNewsletter, filled with information about local activities, industry news, and regulatory actions, keep Members current on developments in the region.

The Chapter has a special relationship with its younger Members, with unique activities and educational programs designed just for them. Student Chapters active on the campuses of local colleges and universities and an exciting and dynamic Young Professionals group ensure that Chapter activities cater to the needs of Members new to the world of pharma and biotech.   

The Boston Area Chapter is a volunteer organization led by an elected Board of Directors and seven committees, each responsible for one of the Chapter’s core activity areas. The Board defines the Chapter’s overall vision, mission and goals, while the committees develop and execute the activities that make the Chapter hum. Click on the “Committee” tab on the left sidebar for more information – all Chapter Members are encouraged to join a committee and contribute their skills, help to fulfill the Society’s mission, and connect with fellow Members.

If this all seems like too much to absorb at one time, click here and relax while you view a six-minute Chapter overview and website tour. And click on the tab below for more information about Member benefits.

Or – if you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of Chapter membership - click here to join and be sure to select the Boston Area Chapter as your Home Chapter. (If you’re new to the industry, check to see whether you qualify for the discounted “Young Professional” rate regardless of your age.) Welcome aboard!


New England and Boston Area Chapters Unite

Twenty years ago, the Boston Area Chapter was created as an outgrowth of the New England Chapter to meet the needs of the new biotech industry emerging in the greater Boston area. But times have changed. Biotech companies and associated suppliers are now spread throughout New England and there is no longer a divide between biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing. To reflect this evolution, the New England and Boston Area Chapters have again become one. Effective immediately, the membership of the New England Chapter will join the membership of the Boston Area Chapter to create the largest and strongest Chapter of ISPE worldwide: The Boston Area Chapter “Serving All of New England.”



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