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  • John Spohn Awarded ISPE 2013 Article of the Year
    Received at ISPE Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.
    Co-author Gordon Leichter.
    Pharmaceutical Engineering,
    January/February 2013 issue.
    Click Here to read the article.
  • New England and Boston Area Chapters Unite:
    Twenty years ago, the Boston Area Chapter was created as an outgrowth of the New England Chapter to meet the needs of the new biotech industry emerging in the greater Boston area ... Click Here to Read More
  • Congratulations to the newest Chapter members to receive the CPIP ™ Certification:
    Michelle Cheslek, CPIP
    Daniel Haun, CPIP
    Robert Mitchell, CPIP
    Rusty Morrison, CPIP
    Aarash Navabi, CPIP


Welcome to the Boston Area Chapter of ISPE!

The Boston Area Chapter is the largest and most active chapter or affiliate of the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers in the world. With over 1700 members, the Boston Area Chapter is continuously offering new and innovative ways to serve the industry and its members locally. The vast wealth of industry knowledge shared within the Boston Area Chapter offers opportunities for you, no matter which segment of the industry you are in. From the research lab to the manufacturing floor, the Boston Area Chapter provides life sciences industry professionals with the knowledge and network they need to support their career development.

From leading the global charge on CPIPs (Certified Pharmaceutical Professionals) to developing programs tailored for Members, no matter what phase of their career (Students to Young Professionals to established industry veterans), we have it all!  Recognized as one of the leading chapters in the world, the success of the Boston Area Chapter and the industry as a whole is in large part due to this multi-faceted collaboration of sharing knowledge and best practices. Come take a look, check out an event and you will see why the Boston Area Chapter has earned its reputation for excellence in services provided to Members. I look forward to meeting you at an upcoming event!

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  Christopher Opolski  

President, ISPE Boston Area Chapter


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