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Mentoring ... Program Description

Mentoring relationships are an important element in the personal and professional development of both mentors and mentees. You can get by without them, but you’re much better off with them!  

Mentoring relationships are completely confidential and afford you the opportunity to openly share information with someone having similar interests and working in the same industry.

While mentoring lets you establish what may turn out to be a long term, rewarding relationship, a mentoring relationship does not require a huge time commitment on the part of either the mentor or the mentee.  Initially, we suggest establishing a mentoring relationship for a period of one year with meetings once a quarter.  That’s right, about one hour a quarter and the benefits are huge!  We suggest that it’s best to have the first meeting as a face-to-face meeting to let you get to know each other.  You can then decide on how the relationship will proceed and whether future meeting will be face to face, on the phone, or via Skype, Facetime, or using some other means.

Interested in learning more? Becoming a mentor? Finding a mentor? Think you’re in a position to be a mentor to someone, but to also have a mentor?  That’s absolutely fine, you can do both!  Depending on what you hope to get from the program, check out the “ Becoming a Mentor ” page, the “ Finding a Mentor ” page or, if you are ready to get involved, head over to the “ Getting Started ” page.

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Page last updated: 5 October 2015