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IQ Validation Test Procedure

by Jon R. Voss
November 1999

One of the greatest value added services an equipment qualification protocol can provide is the verification of accurate system and/or equipment drawings. Often contractors and vendors supply ‘as-builts’ as part of a job or project. Unfortunately however, changes are often made even after the as-builts were delivered or errors/omissions occurred in the original drawings. This test procedure can be included in an Installation Qualification as a means of verifying the accuracy of the as-built drawings.

The following validation test procedure from our ValPro™ library is submitted for your use and review.

Verification of Approved or As-Built P&IDs

The objective of this test is to verify and document that the P&IDs for the system accurately represent the installed system.


  1. Obtain a copy of the current or approved revision for each P&ID listed on the Data Sheet(s). Record the revision number and date of each P&ID on the Data Sheet(s).
  2. Visually compare the P&IDs to the installed equipment/system and verify that the components listed on the following Data Sheet(s) are accurately represented on the P&IDs. Indicate verified components on each P&ID with a specific differentiating mark (e.g., initials, checkmark, etc.). Note: Use extreme caution when performing this verification around components that are operating at extreme temperature ranges, pressurized, or in motion.
  3. If deviations exist between the installed system and the P&IDs, document and record each deviation on the P&IDs to reflect the installed system. Initial and date next to each change made to the P&IDs and describe the deviations on the Data Sheet(s).
  4. If no observed deviations exist between the installed equipment/system and the P&IDs, record on the P&IDs in close proximity to the title block that no observed deviations exist. Initial and date this comment and attach the verified P&IDs to the appropriate appendix of the Protocol or cross reference the location of the P&IDs in the Comments section.
  5. Indicate that the verification is complete by initialing and dating the P&IDs in close proximity to the title block. Attach the P&IDs to the appropriate appendix of the Protocol or cross reference their location in the Comments section. Record all necessary comments in the Comments section of the attached Data Sheet(s).

Note: This test may be executed in conjunction with other tests as appropriate.

References Required:

  • P&IDs as listed on the Data Sheet(s)
  • Symbol legend for the P&IDs

Acceptance Criteria:

  • The P&IDs accurately represent the installed equipment/system. Any deviations between the installed equipment/system and the P&IDs have been documented on the P&IDs and Data Sheet(s).
  • Component categories on the P&IDs as described in the following Data Sheet(s), have been inspected and verified to be installed as indicated on the P&IDs.

Acceptance Criteria Met?

Yes____ No____ Initials / Date:______ /______

If No, explain in the Comments section below.

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