Chapter Awards


This award is presented to a Boston Area Chapter member in recognition of a comprehensive body of work and specific accomplishments that are widely recognized as truly extraordinary and of positive and lasting impact on ISPE, the Boston Area Chapter and the life sciences/biopharmaceutical industry.

Hank Moes Award Date Presented
Hank Moes November 2004
Richard Schoenfeld October  2005
Thomas Moss October  2006
Andre Walker October 2011
Richard Priester October 2012
Brian Hagopian, CPIP October 2015
Doyle Johnson October 2016
Janet Tice October 2017
John Spohn, CPIP April 2019
Richard Pierro July 2020
H. Steven Kennedy September 2021
James Grunwald September 2022
Jack Campion September 2023


This award is presented to one or more Boston Area Chapter members who have demonstrated a high level of dedication to the Chapter’s goals and who, through their dedicated effort and involvement over the past year, have enabled the Chapter to accomplish those goals.

Janet Tice Volunteer of the Year Date Presented
Andrea Massa October 2013
Sean Burgess October 2013
Michael Levesque October 2014
Mark Levanites October 2014
Christopher Blackwell October 2015
Daniel Mardirosian October 2015
Howard Sneider, CPIP October 2016
Ying Cai October 2016
Jennifer Duffy October 2017
H. Steven Kennedy October 2017
Stacey Price April 2019
Caren Jenkins April 2019
Kili Alwyn July 2020
Jesse McLaughlin July 2020
George West September 2021
Stacey Vega September 2021
Eni Adedokun El Wadi September 2021
Janelle Carretero September 2021
Laura Berberian September 2022
Eric Felz September 2022
Brooke Cote September 2023
Shannon DeMello September 2023
Sean Keenan September 2023


This award is presented to a Boston Area Chapter member, group of members or committee that has accomplished a specific task or completed a discrete project during the past year that has significantly contributed to the Chapter’s success.

Outstanding Achievement Date Presented
Brian Hagopian October 2013
GO Committee October 2014
Samir Gondalia October 2015
Scholarship Committee October 2016
Social Committee October 2017
Product Show Committee April 2019
Women in Pharma Committee July 2020
Educational Programs Committee September 2021
Women in Pharma Committee September 2022
Ethnocultural Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee September 2023


This award is presented to a Student Chapter that has distinguished itself during the previous 12 months by effectively leveraging its affiliation with ISPE to bring significant value to its student members. Members of the winning Student Chapter will have participated in Boston Area Chapter student-related activities to the greatest extent possible.

Student Chapter of the Year Date Presented
Worcester Polytechnic Institute October 2013
UMass Lowell October 2014
Northeastern University October 2015
Massachusetts Maritime Academy October 2016
Northeastern University October 2017
University of New Hampshire October 2018
Framingham State University July 2020
Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences September 2021
Middlesex Community College September 2022
UMass Dartmouth September 2023