Mentoring relationships are an important element in personal and professional development. While you may be able to get by without them, your professional development and career can be greatly enhanced by high quality mentoring relationships. These confidential relationships provide you with an opportunity to openly share information with someone who works in the industry and shares your interests. At the ISPE Boston Area Chapter, we believe in the value of these relationships. The Mentoring Program has been developed to make them available to all Chapter members.

The Program is run on an annual cycle, beginning after the Product Show each year.  All Chapter members interested in participating provide information about their interests and what they would like to get out of the mentoring relationship. In October, participants get together for an overview of the Program and an opportunity to connect with their mentor or mentee, if they have not done so already.  Throughout the course of the Program, the Chapter will gather feedback to ensure that the Program is achieving its goals and providing benefits to all participants.

While mentor relationships vary in duration, the required commitment on the part of both the mentor and mentee is very manageable.  During the initial face-to-face meeting, we suggest discussing expectations and goals for the mentoring relationship, and establishing a mutually agreeable frequency and location for future meetings.


Most people appreciate the benefits of mentoring wherever they may be in their career or professional journey and many will tell you how much they have benefited from these relationships.  Creating and cultivating mentoring relationships in your developmental network provides different experiences we should all aspire to learn from.  While there are many forms that mentoring can take, experiencing both the mentee and mentor roles increases your leadership capacity, leads to greater career satisfaction and improves overall effectiveness at managing these developmental relationships.

Benefits for Mentees Benefits for Mentors
·         Skill/competency development ·         Career/personal satisfaction
·         Increased self-awareness ·         Leadership development
·         Increased social and organizational awareness ·         Skill & competency development
·         Support during career transitions ·         Enhanced reputation
·         Increased exposure and expanded professional network ·         Increased exposure and expanded professional network
·         Improved self-confidence and motivation
·         Increased interpersonal and relational skills


A Professional Moai is a group of approximately 5 to 10 participants who will meet to serve as peer mentors for each other, discussing professional development, career growth, and ways to overcome challenges in the workplace.  Women and men are welcome to participate. Moai means “meeting for a common purpose” in Japanese; pronounced (Mo-ai).