Scholarship Application

Joel Goldenberg Memorial Scholarship

Applications are currently being accepted until June 1, 2018.


Through the ISPE Boston Area Chapter Scholarship Foundation (BCSF), the Boston Area Chapter supports a merit-based Scholarship Program to give back to its community of professionals and advance the knowledge base and skill sets of individuals. The program honors the memory of Joel Goldenberg, a Past President of the Chapter whose wish was to support the educational pursuits of talented individuals looking to further their education and career development.


The ISPE Boston Area Chapter Scholarship Foundation, Inc. administers the Joel Goldenberg Memorial Scholarship Program for individuals pursuing formal education in science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM) fields. The Scholarship Program has a strong preference for applicants pursuing careers in STEM disciplines that support the development and operation of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical enterprises.

The Scholarship Program is supported through donations from the ISPE Boston Area Chapter and other organizations, as well as fundraising activities organized by BCSF and is designed to defray tuition expenses of US residents. Recipients will receive an award of up to $2,000 (payable to their college or university) or an amount equal to the cost of a specific course (including course-related fees and books), whichever is less, minus available employer tuition reimbursement.


Undergrad or grad students must be enrolled in an accredited college or university associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral degree or certification program and registered in a credit-bearing course or courses to which the scholarship award would be applied. Continuing education students must be enrolled in a credit- or CEU-bearing course at an accredited college, university, association or institution, subject to the condition described in #4 below. The following types of applicants may apply:

  1. Incoming freshmen
  2. Students entering their sophomore through senior years of undergraduate study; or those entering or continuing post graduate study.
  3. Students pursuing an associate's degree; or those enrolled in a certification program.
  4. Individuals seeking continuing education as part of their career development. These individuals shall provide documentation from their employer stating that the course(s) to which the scholarship award would be applied are not eligible for reimbursement or, if eligible for partial reimbursement, the amount that the employer will reimburse the applicant.


Applicants are limited to scholarship awards totaling no more than $8,000 per individual: $4,000 undergrad and $4,000 grad/continuing education. When applying for additional scholarships, candidates must submit official documentation demonstrating receipt of grades of 3.0 or better (on a 4.0 scale), or granting of CEU’s, in the course(s) funded by prior scholarship awards.


There are two due dates for applications during the calendar year: November 1st and June 1st. Applications must be received by the last date in each period. Since applications require a written reference to be submitted, applicants are encouraged to begin the process well in advance of the due date. The current application period is January 1, 2018 through June 1, 2018.


Applications will be considered by the Scholarship Committee, which will base its recommendations for awards on the following:

  • Completed application
  • Essay(s) submitted
  • One written reference provided online, plus two additional references with contact information only
  • Involvement with ISPE, if any
  • Volunteer activities
  • Academic and other significant achievements
  • Number of applications submitted & availability of scholarship funds.

As described above under Program Description, strong preference is given to applicants pursuing careers in STEM disciplines that support the development and operation of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical enterprises. Applicants pursuing other disciplines with a strong commitment to a career in the pharma/biotech industry may be included in this group, at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee.


All candidates will be notified in writing within 60 days of application closing date. It is the expectation of the Scholarship Committee that award recipients will obtain a grade of B (3.0 on a 4.0 scale) or better for the funded course.


Funds will be sent directly to the college or university attended by scholarship winners in the form of a check.

Questions about the Scholarship Program should be directed to the ISPE Boston Area Chapter Scholarship Foundation office at or 781-647-4773.