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Meet the Chair:
Friday, March 5th at 2:00 pm
Via Zoom

The Student Development Committee creates a pathway for students to follow from their college or university to careers in the local life sciences industry. To do this, the committee establishes and nurtures ISPE Student Chapters at local colleges and universities and provides students with “real world” information regarding careers in the life sciences. Our 14 Student Chapters currently represent over 200 students, many of whom will pursue careers locally following graduation.

In order to accomplish its goals, the committee’s activities include:

  • Providing support to Student Chapter leaders and academic advisors
  • Hosting our Student Members and Leaders at the annual Product Show
  • Coordinating on-campus educational programs and career training
  • Running a full-day career workshop each year (Just held January 2021)
  • Supporting the International and/or a local Hackathon

The committee meets 3-4 times a year which includes an annual planning and strategy session in August to brainstorm activities for the upcoming academic year. In addition, committee members may travel to local campuses to meet with Student Chapter leaders and should be available to help lead and/or support one or more of the activities listed above.

If your passion is guiding our industry’s future leaders and helping students navigate their way into the “real world,” the Student Development Committee is the place for you.

Time Commitment:
Committee meetings: 2 hours every other month
Event Planning: Additional 5-6 hours per month until the program is completed


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