Professional Moai Intake Form

ISPE Boston Professional Moai

ISPE Boston Professional Moai Intake Form

We are grateful for your interest in joining a Boston Area ISPE Professional Moai. A Professional Moai is a group of 6 to 10 participants who will meet to serve as peer mentors for each other, discussing professional development, career growth, and ways to overcome challenges in the workplace. Approx. level of commitment: ~4 times a year to meet in person and/or virtually for group networking and discussion.

Personal Information

Please enter your contact information below. Note: we will not share your contact info outside of ISPE Boston.
Note that membership in a Professional Moai is a benefit for ISPE members.
In other words, what gets you excited about joining a Professional Moai?
6) Would you be interested in being a co-lead of a Professional Moai? *
Role of Co-lead: there will be 2 to 3 co-leads per Professional Moai and they will help organize and facilitate the Professional Moai get-togethers/discussions. No experience is necessary and support will be provided in terms of sharing best practices, discussion topic ideas, and initial training. Approx. level of commitment: ~4 times a year to help organize the logistics for your Professional Moai to meet. The co-leads would also help arrange for discussion topics that their Moai participants are interested in.

Thank You!

We greatly appreciate your interest in joining a professional Moai and sincerely hope to get to know you better through the Professional Moai program!