Women in Pharma® Intake Form

ISPE Boston Women in Pharma

ISPE Boston Women in Pharma® Intake Form

We are grateful for your interest in the ISPE Boston Area Chapter's Women in Pharma® Committee. In order to make the most of your time we would like to understand the level you would like to participate in the group and tailor communications to you.

Personal Information

Please enter your contact information below. Note: we will not share your contact info outside of ISPE Boston.
Note that membership in the Women in Pharma® subcommittee is a benefit for ISPE members.

Tell us if you are interested in:

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Joining the Planning Committee for Boston of Women in Pharma®?
Approx. level of commitment: Attend Monthly planning meetings/calls, Assist in planning events, Attend majority of WIP Events, etc.
Day of Event Volunteer?
Approx. level of commitment: on the day of the event to arrive early and/or stay late to support in your assigned role
Joining a Professional Moai (Mentoring Circle)
A Professional Moai is a group of 6 to 10 participants who will meet to serve as peer mentors for each other, discussing professional development, career growth, and ways to overcome challenges in the workplace. Approx. level of commitment: ~4 times a year to meet in person and/or virtually for group networking and discussion
In other words, what gets you excited about joining a Professional Moai?
Would you prefer your professional Moai to meet a location either closer to where you live, where you work, or either? *
Would you be interested in being a co-lead of a Professional Moai? *
Role of Co-lead: there will be 2 to 3 co-leads per Professional Moai and they will help organize and facilitate the Professional Moai get-togethers/discussions. No experience is necessary and support will be provided in terms of sharing best practices, discussion topic ideas, and initial training. Approx. level of commitment: ~ 4 times a year to help organize the logistics for your Professional Moai to meet in person and/or virtually. The co-leads would also help arrange for discussion topics that their Moai participants are interested in.
Please select the types of communications from Boston Women in Pharma that you would prefer:
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We greatly appreciate your interest in joining Women in Pharma® and sincerely hope to get to you know you better through Boston WIP!